Are you a Java Developer like me? If so, I bet you are used to dealing with continuous integration and continuous delivery.

I wanted to write this small article because I was going through an annoying and unproductive situation.


This small article assumes:

  • Java and Maven well configured
  • Maven is…

Method 1. With SCRIPT in jenkins console

Access <JENKINS_URL>/jenkins/script and execute script bellow.

def reallyDelete = false;  // GHANGE TO TRUE, TO REALLY DELETE
def range = “1–20”; // RANGE
def jobName = “ProjectTestDelete”; //JOB_NAME
def rs = Fingerprint.RangeSet.fromString(range, false);
def job = Jenkins.instance.getItemByFullName(jobName);
def builds = Jenkins.instance.getItemByFullName(jobName).getBuilds(rs);println(“Job: ${job.fullName}”);

When we are working with subversion, it is very common that we add ignore files or directories specifics of a directories sub set.

But, something kind of files like .project, settings.json and folders like .vscode, .data, dist, src and bin need to be globally ignored.

It is very easy to do that, all you need to do, is locate the .subversion directory. If you are using linux, that directory will probably be under the user main directory.

Then, edit the property global-ignores at the file config as showed bellow. Observe that each name of file or directory is separated from each other by space.

### Section for configuring miscellaneous Subversion options.
global-ignores=.project settings.json .data dist src bin

After that, your SVN client will ignore all those files and directories at any part of your SVN tree.

When we run one installation of JDeveloper for the first time, a directory is created. On that directory is stored all configurations of your IDE including WebLogic Integrated Server.

The name of this directory, is like system12. The first part of that name represents the version of Oracle Middleware that…

Allan Santos

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